65 FJ45 Station Wagon For Sale

Up for sale here is a rare gem indeed: a 1965 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ45 STATION WAGON. This one of a few great project vehicles I know I will never get around to and a great opportunity for you to get into one of the ultimate retro-cruisers for a great deal.

THE GOOD:The cruiser body is complete on the outside. I have the missing front turn signals and taillights in a box for safe keeping. All the major panels and the roof are amazingly straight and rust free. I have never seen an unrestored 45 wagon that was this rust free! I found a couple of pinholes in the passenger quarter panel ribbing below the floor level, and a crack in the passenger corner (that somebody put a piece of tape over!)

Since there are no interior panels, you can see inside the doors that there is no putty or rust ANYWHWERE. Door sills: DITTO.

The biggest problem with the body is the lift up hatch has separated where the hinge from the body attaches. The miracle here is that the PO included an extra mint-condition hatch with the truck when he sold it to me!

There is nothing under the hood; no engine, trans or transfer case. You can easily pick one of these setups up on Ebay, from a cruiser parts vendor, or from somebody converting their old FJ into a domestic-powered rock buggy. The frame has mounts that look like their might have been a V-8 in this baby already.

All the doors still close properly, the window regulators move up and down easily, tailgate mechanisms are working. If you’ll notice in the photos, the regulators still have their original plastic knobs!

THE BAD: 1.The hood shows evidence of a crease where it must have blown up to the roof at some point and was basically straightened, but could use a little more help. 2.The truck has no seats, front or back. I personally wouldn’t waste the money trying to get original seats, but would modernize the seating with 4 buckets and two center consoles. 3. There is a rust hole a few inches in diameter in the passenger floorboard that needs to be patched. 4.Second doors on both sides only open from the inside; I have not investigated what needs to be fixed, but nothing looks broken. I have both the rear side windows, but do not have the weatherstrips for them. I do not know if it will be a problem to find suitable weatherstrips

THE UGLY. 1.The saginaw steering conversion was done with an SOA in mind and will need to be changed if you want to keep the truck spring under. (I recommend an FJ60 PS box) 2.There was a rust hole about 6" around in the driver’s floorboard; somebody welded a new piece of flat metal in; could have done a better job. 3.There are a few holes in the right rear corner of the roof where somebody thought it would be a good idea to put a CB antenna. 4. There is a hole in the dash below the ashtray for an aftermarket stereo that wasn’t done very well (on the plus side, it’s way smaller than a modern stereo cutout would need to be, so it shouldn’t be hard to clean up either way)

THE DEAL. Will take $2000.00 cash obo. Will also consider partial trade for newer LC parts (db,ps,l/m w/s frame, doors, etc)

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